Episode 4

What's this $3 million program?

We have another cracker Location matters episode this week covering the Group of Earth Observations and Google Earth Engine program winning projects. Today we unpack the process behind choosing the winners, our favourite projects and how countries can use Earth Observation technology for cases such as disaster management. We'd like to welcome, Executive Director at NGIS and Director at EO Data Science, Nathan Eaton, General Manager at EO Data Science, Sam Atkinson and Data Scientist at EO Data Science (and new to the podcast!), Yvonne Fong.

EO Data Science

Google Earth Engine

Group on Earth Observations (GEO)

GEO Biodiversity Observation Network (BON)

Coastal Risk Australia

United Nations Environment Programme

The University of Edinburgh

Earth Blox

Food and agriculture organisation of the United Nations

European Space Agency


EO Data Science Google Earth Engine data catalogue

For the full list of winners, read the GEO-GEE announcement

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