Episode 5

How can marketers leverage their location data?

On this week's episode of Location Matters we dive into the world of location intelligence in marketing with Marketing Manager (and usual podcast host), Sarah Butler and CARTO team lead at Liveli, Dion Fleming. We discuss how marketers are using location intelligence platforms and spatial data to help glean insights into buying behaviour of their customers and, in particular, look into a webinar Liveli recently hosted, alongside Google Cloud partner, Data Runs Deep and experiential gift company, Red Balloon. In this episode, we go a bit deeper into the sorts of data marketers collect, how this can be supplemented with third party data streams, how we can ingest the data into Google BigQuery and then visualise this information using CARTO. We also look at how this location data can dictate where we allocate advertising spend and how, in a world of Covid-19, we can use this information to make business decisions.

Webinar: Understand your product demand: Your Google Analytics data visualised with CARTO and BigQuery

Blog: Google Analytics spatial data visualised with BigQuery

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