Episode 8

What is the Indigenous Data Network?

The Indigenous Data Network (IDN) promotes the access and sharing of data within Indigenous organisations, enabling them to manage and utilise data in more sustainable ways. Our host, Sarah Butler, discusses with Darren Clinch (National Coordinator) and James Rose (Data Analytics Coordinator) of IDN, about ways in which they are working with data and geospatial technology to empower Indigenous organisations and communities. 

Darren shares with listeners some recent work in using health data to synthesise patterns and behviours in the Indigenous population’s access to our public health system, enabling better reporting on Aboriginal health and wellbeing. Collectively the speakers chat about the future of data visualisation; what social and cultural impacts they hope to achieve with this technology in coming years. 

If you are keen to learn about the way data sovereignty affects Indigenous organisations and how geospatial technology can be utilised to provide insightful visualisations, take a listen to this episode.

Indigenous Data Network

Indigenous Data Sovereignty Symposium

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