Episode 14

Is your location data secure?

In the digital age, everything is online and increasingly we are seeing large data owners start to process and sell it so others can make decisions. It's an exciting time, but what are the security implications and where do we have to be careful when building applications. NGIS executive director Richard Bentley and Principal Consultant Richard Greene discuss trends and issues in cybersecurity with Adam Mullett.


Essential 8 - Australian Signals Directorate - Good practical measures for companies wanting to decrease their security risks.

SANS Institute – Vast resource of information, training, conferences. Also hosts Podcasts and research papers.

Security Now Podcast (with the archive for the last 13 years) - Mix of technical and non-technical security discussions. Great resource for emerging risks.

Microsoft Security - vendor-supplied resources

Project Zero - quite technical in nature, but on the cutting edge for cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Kali Linux - Excellent resource for people who wish to get their hands dirty. Lots of tutorials available on running penetration tests on your network.

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