Episode 3

Empowering women to enter tech careers

Find out what ‘rubber-ducking’ is. Hear why Khia has been crying happy tears and celebrate the perspective that women bring to the table in this special edition of Location Matters, curated in lieu of International Women's Day

New Location Matters host, Claire Wilson, is joined by guests Kate Kirwin, founder of She Codes, Daphne Yu, Graduate Developer at NGIS and Khia Emslie O'Brien, Winyama Digital intern. The discussion centres around why programs like She Codes are helping to upskill women with the technical skills required to land careers in the tech industry.  According to the ABS in 2020 only 13% of women made up the total employees in the STEM workforce. We would like to change that statistic and raising awareness is one way to do so.  

This episode was planned to air before this year’s International Women's Day, but unfortunately was held up. Though, we are advocates for women every single day of the year and this episode is just as relevant today as it was on that day. We hope it inspires you and empowers you to reach new heights in your tech career. 

**Please forgive the unusually quiet sound in this episode**

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