Episode 5

Coastal Risk Australia gets an update.

Location Matters welcomes CEO of FrontierSI, Graeme Kernich to the podcast for the first time to get the scoop on the updated Coastal Risk Australia, climate modelling tool which was first built in 2015. In partnership with FrontierSI, NGIS developed Coastal Risk Australia to illustrate the severity of rising seas based on the latest scientific modelling, via an interactive map accessible to the public. On today's episode we'll be chatting with some of the people responsible for this game changing app - NGIS Executive Director, Nathan Eaton, and the CEO of FrontierSI, Graeme Kernich. 

Learn how this team used the 2021 IPCC data to update Coastal Risk Australia to show the public how rising sea levels may encroach on their community and wash away iconic Australian beaches by 2100. 

Coastal Risk Australia

IPCC report


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